Tableau Calculations

Creating logic in Tableau is half the fun of creating beautiful visualizations! Here are some awesome resources to help you start to master calculations.

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Mastering Tableau Calculations:

1.  Choose the Right Calculation: Tableau has multiple forms of calculations. And for those who are new to Tableau, choosing the right type of calculation to employ for a given problem can pose a challenge.

2.  Learn How to Create Calculations: Now that you know the difference between the types of calculations and when to use them in your analysis, how do you actually know how to create the formula for them? This is where things can get tricky.

3.  Understand the Best Practices for Creating Calculations in Tableau: This article describes several tips and guidelines for creating efficient calculations in Tableau. These guidelines are meant to help you optimize your workbook performance. For more information about all the ways you can improve workbook performance, see the Optimize Workbook Performance series.

4.  Become an Expert at Creating Efficient Calculations: Learn more things you can do that can improve calculation performance.

5. Check out The Tableau Book of Calculations by Sara Hamdoun (Download for optimal experience.)

** Bonus tips for Working in Tableau's Calculation Editor: This article lists several tips for working in the calculation editor to help you become more efficient with creating and editing calculated fields in Tableau.

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