Visualize Your HBAP Journey

Students of the Harvard Business Analytics Program can now interactively share their amazing academic journey with friends, family and showcase their success with coworkers. 

Your HBAP Journey visualizes how far you have come (or how far you have to go) to complete the program and dynamically displays course descriptions and faculty bios.

*** To begin, if you have not already done so, download Tableau for Students to get a free Tableau license for Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep Builder and free access to eLearning for on-demand Tableau training that is active for a year or as long as you are an HBAP student. ***

Click on the video below to get a detailed list of all features.

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Step 1:  Download the Workbook from Tableau Public
Step 2:  Enter your Name
Step 3:  Enter your Start Dates
Step 4:  Choose Default or Custom Tooltips
Step 5:  Customize Tooltips (optional)
Step 6:  Delete the Input Dashboards and Edit Button
Step 7:  Publish your Personalized HBAP Journey to Tableau Public

1. Download the Workbook from Tableau Public

Navigate to the Personalized HBAP Journey Tableau workbook on Tableau Public and download the workbook to Tableau Desktop.

2. Enter your Name


3. Enter your Start Dates

Enter your Start Dates for each course, seminar, and immersion. If you are unsure of the exact date, enter your best estimate.

4. Choose Default or Custom Tooltips

If you choose to keep the default tooltips, skip to Step 6

To help you decide if you want to use the default tooltips (ready-made curriculum descriptions) or not, here is a table with the default tooltip values for your reference.

Course Id and Name
Default Tooltip Description
O. Orientation
Welcome to HBAP!  Get acquainted with the program and complete a case study to join your first class discussion with some of your future professors and peers.
C1. Digital Strategy and Innovation
Learn how to build a platform firm, the power of crowds, driving transformation, and the hub economy.
C2. Foundations of Quantitative Analysis
Dive into probably, study design, linear models and get introduced to R.
S1. Leadership, Innovation, and Change
Study the difference of performance vs opportunity gaps, execution of strategy, organizational ambidexterity, and Leading Innovation and Change from the author himself.
I1. Immersion
Travel to Cambridge, MA to visit the Harvard campus.
C3. Operations and Supply Chain Management
Pursue the fundamentals of forecasting, queuing, inventory, and capacity planning.
C4. Programming and Data Science Systems
Explore the power of spreadsheets to SQL to Python, and learn more about the trade-offs of data systems.
S2. Leadership and People Analytics
Use data to improve decisions in people analytics and understand the dynamics of team and collaboration.
C5. Data-Driven Marketing
Uncover the world of digital marketing's ad revenue and how firms use data to correctly target and collect data in the cyberspace.
C6. Data Science Pipeline and Critical Thinking
Get introduced to Tableau Prep and tie all previous courses together to leverage your business acumen and direct the statistical models and methods that best interpret data and find strategic approaches for decision-making.
I2. Immersion and Conferral
You made it! Congratulations!

If you are satisfied with the default tooltips, then select “No thanks, I’m ready to view my HBAP Journey!” and you will be taken to the “HBAP Journey” tab/dashboard.

If you change your mind and you would like to create custom tooltips, or if you need to change your start dates, you may either navigate to the tab/dashboard you need or click on the “edit” button in the upper right of the HBAP Journey


If you would like to make changes to the default tooltips, then select “Yes, I want to personalize my curriculum tooltips.”


Choosing "Yes" will navigate you to the “Customize Tooltips” tab/dashboard.

5. Customize Tooltips (optional)

If you choose to keep the default tooltips, skip to Step 6

Hover over the red comment box icon to view the default tooltip (also in red)

Choose to "Keep Default" or "Customize" from the dropdown menu. 

If you select to "Customize," a copy icon will pop up to the right of the dropdown. 

If you want, you may click this icon to copy the default tooltip into the text field and edit the default.

Or, you may skip the clicking on the copy icon and type your new description in the box provided.  Note: you may need hit the <Tab> or <Enter> key, or click outside of the box for the input to be captured. 

Hover over the eye icon to preview your new tooltip. 

If you change your mind and choose to keep the default, you can toggle back to the default at any time. Simply select “Keep Default” to override any changes.

Click the blue button when complete to view your HBAP Journey.

6. Delete the Input Dashboards and Edit Button

Next, delete the other dashboards and worksheets. 

Note: There are several hidden worksheets, so be sure to delete those as well. The only remaining item should be the HBAP Journey dashboard. Any other remaining content will also be published.

In the upper right corner, just below the "Days Until Conferral" there is the Edit icon (which is actually a worksheet.) 
Hover over the icon and click on the corner of the highlighted box to display the down arrow. Select "Remove from Dashboard".

7. Publish your Personalized HBAP Journey to Tableau Public

If you have not yet done so, create a Tableau Public account. You will need this to publish to Tableau Public.

To publish, go to Server > Tableau Public > Save As "<My Name> HBAP Journey" 

Rename your HBAP Journey. This will also be the name of the HBAP Journey on Tableau Public.

Your HBAP Journey is now live and online!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments. 

Happy vizzing!