Your Personalized HBAP Journey Features


Students of the Harvard Business Analytics Program can now interactively share their amazing academic journey with friends, family and showcase their success with coworkers. 

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Features of your Personalized HBAP Journey

Your name and today’s date is displayed as the header of the Gantt chart. 

If you have completed the program, your conferral date will be displayed instead of today's date.

In the upper right, there is a countdown of the “Days Until Conferral” and when hovered over, a tooltip will display how many days you have been in the program. 
If you have already completed the program, “Days Since Conferral” will be displayed.

Your journey is visualized by a Gantt chart. There is a dotted reference line that will display today’s date if you are still in the program and will display your conferral date if you have completed the program. The shapes legend to the right may be used as a highlight filter for the Gantt chart.

This Gantt chart depicts the duration of each program event and is represented by icons and the course’s school shield. 

Clicking or hovering over marks in the Gantt chart will display a tooltip that include the course id and name, start and end dates, as well as whether the event has been completed, in progress, or is upcoming. 
Below this information will house the default tooltip or the custom tooltip description you created. The bottom part of the tooltip displays the faculty members and the duration of the event.

Clicking on the Gantt chart will dynamically display the description in the bottom right below the shapes legend and also display photos of the event or the faculty below the Gantt chart.

Hovering over a faculty member’s photo will display a tooltip with a short bio and clicking on the photo will take the user to the faculty member’s bio page. 

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